UPDATE #7: Creative citizens would inhabit the workshop-dotted city

byEditorial Team

published on 23/1/2016

Social City would be a workshop-dotted city inhabited by creative citizens.


Workshops! That's where most Social Citizens would ideally want to work. Monnik envisioned the near-future city as one in which meaningful production will have a more prominent role. Social City might just come to look like this. It seems like robots will have to man our shops and keep our factories and hospitals running. 

Given that you’d still need money in Social City, most Social Citizens would still like to have a job. Some prefer a more creative mix of “work, welfare and community sharing”. One person told us: “I wish there was no money needed”.

Robots will soon be able to take care of much of our practical tasks. Is that a blessing or a threat? Many Social Citizens area happy to have the machines coming in. We’ll soon dive deeper into what they would like to do instead of their robotised jobs.

So what are the dream jobs? People visiting Social City are already somewhat technology smart, and a good deal of them knows us through the design world, so it’s no wonder that there are many (wannabe) designers, architects and artists. But Social City is also home to entrepreneurs, craftsmen, administrators and caretakers.

Stay tuned for our new questions about work! It will help us find out how Social City will take shape, based on how you would apply your skills and spend your time.


Top image: People have more than one job in the future Social City. A job is no longer about labour. Rather, it is about satisfying individual desires. Only the jobs in which people can express themselves will be occupied by humans - other services and forms of production will be taken care of by robots. Visualisation by Sayme Choi.


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